The perfect Filter Coffee Kronberg

Filter coffee requires knowledge and specialization in order to brew the perfect cup that will seduce you. The most important factors for coffee quality are the beans and the grinding process. Kronberg coffee beans are of top quality and the roasting and grinding process take place at exactly the right time in order to capture unique taste and aroma characteristics.

The history of coffee

Every cup of Kronberg stands out for its rich taste and superb aromas. The secret recipe, kept at Kronberg castle, and selected coffee beans create an impressive blend of top quality and unique characteristics. Coffee becomes a taste ritual again. Kronberg is the perfect blend for those who seek authentic filter coffee experience. Enjoy every day!


Tips for brewing the perfect Kronberg cup

Coffee brewing

It is very important to use filtered water and not water straight out of the tap.  Moreover, it is necessary to first wet the paper filter with warm water so that it has the same temperature as the brewing water and in order to clean it from any chemicals it might contain.

The best ratio is 5-6 grams of coffee per 100 ml water.  Optimum brewing temperature is 93-95 Celsius and average brewing time around 2,5-3 minutes per 300 ml of coffee.  Appropriate time depends on the coffee machine, the brewing process, the degree of coffee grinding and the temperature.

A key factor is the coffee quality and its correct preservation.  It is important to use an appropriate coffee package in order to minimize taste and aroma loss.

Keeping the coffee warm

We can keep our coffee warm after it has been made in machines with heating capability.  We should not keep coffee under heating for more than 30 minutes as the coffee quality starts to deteriorate.  Therefore, it is prudent to produce the right coffee quantity that will be consumed in the next 30 minutes.

Coffee machine maintenance

It is very important to rinse off our coffee machine as well as the water container in order to avoid salt deposits.  We can clean the coffee machine by letting warm water passing through it while brewing without coffee. Afterwards, we can brew coffee normally.